In Future Insects will Hold a Prominent Place in Food News in Urdu

Population of a globe is increasingly fast. Due to that there are increased in the fulfillment of requirement. Producers are working 24 hours a day for the purpose to meet their needs. Due to that reason there are plenty of resources is required to wear and use them. Most important fact is scarcity of food for them. Internationally it is becoming a major threat for humans. Resources of earth are decreasing daily. World organizations are thinking of it how to deal with it. For this purpose insects are being in under consideration to eat. According to report they contain plenty of protein and vitamins which is very necessary for health. Member of FOI Sargi Warnay said it is my dream that people of Los Angeles and France consume important insects which are full of protein and vitamins. He said there are a major portion of world is living in cities. It would be difficult for them to fulfill full requirement from chicken. According to him rice is central food of Los and it is not completely healthy food to consume. Complete news related to this interesting topic is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get knowledge of world need.

Insects news in urdu

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