Important Beauty Tips For Make Up

It is a fact that there is no need of makeup in teenage, but the wish to look beautiful urges girls to do it. They want to seem stylish so they keep on experimenting new creams and lotions for beauty. They like to follow beauty tips and skin relevant products. Some cosmetics are very hard and detrimental to your facials. You should always use good quality cosmetics. Light and soft make up increase your charm. Skin care products should not be applied excessively. It should be according to age. Those who do excessive application of it, they seem too aged.  Take a foundation and paste it for few minutes. Then paste the soft blush till side whiskers. Use melon shade for eyebrows. At the end you should apply pale pink lipstick on lips to complete the procedure. Eyebrow pencil must be used and a decent hair style should be made. Always be careful in selecting the tools for make up. These should be enriched with quality otherwise you will have to face harmful effects. Some important guidelines for teen age females are given below in Urdu and these should be carefully studied. These will help them for next party.

 Urdu Makeup Tips For Girls

beauty tips for girls

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