Iftar Drink Recipe in Urdu

We are loved to drink tasty juices all the time. It is a healthier activity to do it daily. At the time of Iftar in Ramadan Muslim loves to consume some kind of healthy liquid. For that purpose they are made different kind of liquids to fulfill all the protein of the whole day. In Ramdan they have fast from dawn to sunset. They have Believed that Almighty Allah will awarded Paradise if they perform their activities according to the will of God. They offered prayers whole time in this special month. But at the time of Iftar, there is a happiest moment of a time to eat and drink food for the pleasure of God. Here you can see a recipe of Grewia Asiatica which is,


  • Grewia Asiatica half kg
  • Water 1 Litter
  • Black Salt (Full pinch)
  • Sugar According to Need


Initially dip them in a water so that it becomes soft. After that blend them in a blender clearly. You can serve it by mixing salt. Complete recipe of it is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can try it at home.

lemon drink

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