How Females Take Minerals And Vitamins in Urdu

Syed Asim Mahmood is a legend in our history. He is very kind and famous personality. He earns his fame by writing article and poet. He is a writer and editor. He wrote and works on different level and knowledge as he written many different articles on scientific and non-scientific matter. His thirteen books have published and their topic was politic, international, Islamic and national levels. He discussed about the women and their health requirement. On special dates ladies should special care of their health and use complete food for good life. On these times they lose a lot of folic acid, and it makes them week. For a better health ladies should eat those foods which contain necessary Folic Acid for a proper diet. At least a day they should sit beneath sun rays it will give them Vitamin-D which is most beneficial for bones and teeth. Every female has wish of long shining hair for the purpose of this they should not decrease a level of Zinc in the body. Full and very important tips for females are given below in Urdu; you can read it here and can get knowledge of beautiful diet.

calcium collection tips

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