Hitler Biography In Urdu

Adolf Hitler’s life history in Urdu, Pro. Abdur Rehman Shaheen’s. In the human history he is counted as a most controversial personality. There were majority of people who do hatred to him more than his love’s one. He is such a most important part of a past to whom we cannot leave. April 20, 1889 he was born near the border of Germany on the place of Austria, Braunau am Inn. His father Louis Hitler was a cobbler as a profession. He got less attention of his parents. His father died when he was at the age of 13 and after two years of his dad, his mother passed away too. He wanted to become artist and but his family as well teachers were wished to him to choose a profession of construction. He was financially very weak so he tried to do a small job for lives and butter. In 1993 he went to Germany. When it was finalized that World War will happen then he joined the army. Complete column related to this very important and most interesting historical topic is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get knowledge of it.

Hitler biography in urdu

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