Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) Urdu Article

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is the last prophet of Allah. Allah sent Him as a reformer to reform those uncivilized people who quarreled with each other even on a small matter. Those people who thought that the girls in any family is crime. They buried the girls alive in their childhood. These uncivilized people did not differentiate between right and wrong. All these sins are eradicated by our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). His life is a perfect model for us. If we look at the moral life of our beloved Prophet (PBUH), we can get many moral lessons. No doubt that the life of our Holy Prophet (SAW) is an excellent way to reform our life. We should follow him to flourish our life. Article  Hazrat Muhammad (saw) in Urdu by Nasreen Akhhtar, basically she writes about the manners ethics in Islam. She quoted some Hadith (Hades) in this essay about good behavior with others.


Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) Urdu article


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