Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) Ka Afu Darguzar Urdu Article

Mukhtar Ahmad Jamal wrote a beautiful article about Islamic Preaches. Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) a kind leader of Muslims, as we love him more than our most expensive things even mother, father, daughter and son. We follow their words by full of passion as that is true preaches and by following on these we can easily fulfill a purpose of birth. Writer wrote here about forgiveness and describes this word by writing references of Ahadees and Holly Qur’an. We should forgive others and never create a wish to harm other by doing this act Almighty Allah please from us increase our status in the world as well at the day of judgment. A complete column with full of references are given below in Urdu, you can read it here.

Afu Darguzar Urdu Article


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