Haunted Bollywood Film Review

Bombay: News is related to very interesting topic. Now a day people love to release their tension by watching lovely movies. Containing 2 to 3 hours these movies make us happy and divert all of our attention from the problems. World is busy and spending huge amount to make them and their is very vast market of it in which you can display them. World is become a global village and now Hollywood, Bollywood and Lollywood films are seen able everywhere. There is a new release of Indian horror picture Haunted. Concept of it is that there was a family. They got loss from their business. They needed money to start new business. They have a bungalow and decided to sell it. Father of this family sent his son to make a deal of it. Customer said I am ready to buy it but you are required to clean it from all kind of ghosts. It was listened that night before his son go to there. There was a murdered of one of their servant. By seeing that of their servants leave a job. Complete news related to this interesting horror film is given below in Urdu. You can read it here with cast and main characters name.


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