Hassan Nisar’s Urdu Column Yaadon Ki Yalgaar

Hassan Nisar a very intelligent and famous personality. He is a professional journalist. He discussed about the most beautiful memories of his past. Once we were young and life was so pleasant. It was a lovely days. I and my friends enjoyed even a second of life here. Everywhere there were our voice in the corridor of Punjab University. People said right age of street and house are more than that of humans. Everything were same. Trees and benches were freshening old memories. I asked a question to the Vice Chancellor that what these students are thinking of us. They are thinking that we are a like as we are looking. They will never ever had an idea that we were young and those ways were full of glorious with our noise. I am standing a side of the central canal of this area. It wasn’t a central canal of this place actually it is passing in the center of my heart. I remembered, once we were taking bath here. I silently wanted to take away my new shoes and wanted to wear old one. Complete column related to this beautiful and lovely topic is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get a knowledge of it.

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