Hassan Nisar’s Urdu Column Siyasi Kay Sath Kuch Iqtisadi Kartab Bhi

Hassan Nisar is a very kind and popular personality. He wrote many articles on different topic. He earns his fame by writing wonderful article. Most eminent of his program is “Choraha” which has increased his reputation in front of public. He has a different style in his scripts which is understandable only for educated people. He discussed about politics. Banezir Bhutto was a very beautiful lady and politician. She earns a lot of fame by speaking for the rights of public. She did plenty of favorable tasks for country and at the end she died for this state. Asif Ali Zardari takes charge after her and to gather their members on the accurate stream line. Anyhow everywhere you will found it same politics. There is a central role to do it and it is working on the same stream. Prices of petrol and diesel are increased with huge amounts. It will have a badly effect on the prices of other commodity. I was on the journey and I need diesel but the oil stations refuses to give it. We asked what is the reason behind this they told us it is expected that prices are going to be upward. A full column related to this issue is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get knowledge of this strategy.


Asif zardari

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