Hassan Nisar’s Urdu Column Muntiq Aur Mafrozay

Urdu Columns, Daily Jang newspaper Urdu Column Choraha (Muntiq Aur Mafrozay)by Hassan Nisar. He is a journalist in profession. He discussed today, on the thinking and logic of our politicians. Drone attacks has become a necessity of our land. Whatever we made discussion on it, we cannot be stopped them. It’s a very illogical talk on it that it should be done. Announcement of our leaders are totally irresponsible and they are talking like beat about the bush. Writer target to the Altaf Bhai conversation and concluded it, that kind of discussion is like a man who are talking as a weak mentality. Revenge of American is taking from the innocent people of Pakistan is completely a bad thing and we should be raise voice on it. I was sitting in front of media and declared my view on the unity of PPPP and Muslim League n. I said it should be united they should be required to avoid PPPP. On that words members of n league party reacted on me. Now Leaders of that party are saying the same words that, that was our big mistake. I would like to say it wasn’t a mistake. It just a starting point. Now you should have to see what happened next. Complete column related to that political topic is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can know of it.

drone attacks


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