Hassan Nisar’s Column Q League Aur Quwat Ka Tawazun

Hassan Nisar is a very famous and eminent personality. He is a man of honor. He spent his life as a journalist and wrote  a lot of articles and different topics. His most well reputed program and topic if “Choraha” which is very prominent and popular. His articles is interesting and having huge information of reality. He discussed about current situation of our country. Once we love to serve nation. At that time it was a stage of honor and people take it completely responsibility to do it right. Although a ruler of “Tavannes” to “Egypt” and “Libya” all are busy to collect wealth. They have collected huge amount of money and gold from the country. They have saves it in Swiss accounts and are unable to get rid of this evil. Same is the case in our ruler they are like them. You cannot even imagine thinking when these people are come into control to do what kind of activities. There is a story of civil academy officer who was in under training there. He was in a drink and caught by police in night on the road. A complete column to real fact of our leader is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get awareness of reality.

civil services academy

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