Hassan Nisar Urdu ColumnCorruption Kahani (Episode-3)

                         Hassan Nisar Urdu Column On Corruption By Asif Zardari

The present article was written by a famous poet, on 21st January, 2013. the topic under consideration is the PPPP leadership. It is basically the translation of Baker’s book. A brief detail is given about Benazir and her husband,s accounts and property in all over the world. Both made a lot of wealth in their reigns. Both husband and wife have many foreign banks accounts and reserves which cannot be imagined. There was a time when Zardari was facing police imprisonment cell due to his wrong doings. He made a lot of corruption. But it is a fact that time keeps on changing. It goes towards boom and ultimately comes down towards recession. Kings become beggars in just minutes. We should remain careful in our daily routines. Allah gives us many chances to become better and better but towards the positivity. If we will not be concerned about our activities we will have to bear the loss hopefully you will like this column. We should read such informative stuff. One must make himself accounted for the activities. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

                                                         Capitalism’s Achilles Heel by Raymond W.Baker

corruption kahani 3


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