Hassan Nisar Urdu ColumnCorruption Kahani (Episode-1)

                            Daily Dunya Newspaper Urdu Column Choraha By Hassan Nisar

This article was published on 18th Jan, 2013. The purpose to write this article was to discuss the issues related with corruption. It is the biggest curse which is devastating the basis of the country. Whenever the corruption starts, it comes to an end with the whole state is wiped out. The main characters involved in this evil are Benazir Bhutto and Asif Zardari. Benazir was born in Karachi and then went to foreign for the higher studies. She joined the students union from where she started her political career. Then both the husband and wife earned undue and unjustified money. They are the real culprits. They took loans from banks and never returned. When Govt. allowed saving some amount in foreign banks, people started manipulating the bills of exports. They manipulated the figures and saved money out there. East India Company also did a big thing they vanished the main assets and later on sold on high prices. Two main parties reigned on Pakistan throughout, PPPP and Nawaz Sharif. Moreover the writer further said that custom duty is a source of earning for the Govt. All the details are given below in detail in Urdu and you can read it.


corruption kahani 1

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