Hassan Nisar Urdu Column Rona To Khud Hi Paray Ga

This article was published on 22nd March on election 2013 and ruler’s attitudes. They forget on the post that one day they will be accountable in front of mass. Writer described a beautiful story of a Hindu Pandit to attach with rulers behaviors. He suggested that if they always feel that they are traveler this thought is very beneficial for them. He discussed the types of critics because it is very useful thing for our correction. He tells the difference between barking and criticism. it should always be productive instead of conflict oriented. We should develop the habit of learning at every stage of life. We need to bring patience to hear in our personality. Those which cannot hear to the critics cannot survive and improve themselves. He further added that we should behave like a traveler. We have to go from this earth one day so, we must not pick too much heavy weight to lift on. Politicians and representatives should devote themselves for their services instead of accumulating the wealth for next generation. They have to leave ultimately with empty hands.He gave a lesson for Pakistani mass that they realize and decide for themselves. The complete column is given in Urdu below and you can read it.

Column On Pakistani Politicians And Criticism

rona to khud hee paray ga


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