Hassan Nisar’ Urdu Column Khud Mukhtari Ka Zakhmi Khwab

Hassan Nisar is a very famous and intelligent personality. He earns his fame by writing multiple articles on different topics. He has an incredible way of talking about the present and future condition of a world. His most eminent program is “Choraha” which increases his reputation and public like to read his scripts in newspaper. He discussed about the the sovereignty of our Holly country. With due respect I am the first one who are saying it we are not free from restriction. You can estimate it by seeing a case of Raymond┬áDavis who created uncertainty in this state. He killed our national habitat through his car and after that some super power save him completely. The second main reason you can see a Martyr of Osama Bin Laden near Islamabad. Any country could not be fully sovereign until her people wealth and life are not protected. There is a big example of presindent of Iraq Sadam Hussain what happened with him. Our leaders are same like hi. They are busy to collect money and other valuable things from this state and unaware of it that what they are doing here. Complete column related to the freedom condition of this country is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can an idea of this truthfulness.

khud mukhtari ka zakhmi khawb

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