Hassan Nisar Urdu Column Khauf Aata Hai

Daily Dunya Newspaper Choraha Column

This article was published on 30th January, 2013. The topic under debate is both Pakistani main political parties. Both are not fit and in favor of country. The person who is against PPPP he says that it is not good party. Same is the case with the supporter of PPPP. In fact these both parties are totally failed to control money laundering. This is the reason that IMF refused to rescheduled loans, and (FATF) Financial Action Task Force again black listed the Pakistan. In the present elections we have to choose between the two evils again. We do not go for change. The economic conditions of Pakistan are worst now. It has totally gone down and unable to rise up. But it is true that our choice of things tells about our personality. We choose the wrong representatives and after that face the results. We are not good at selecting the things. David Fink rightly said “we live by making choices”. The writer further added that nothing is coming out of elections. He further added that whenever he writes this word, he places a question mark at the end. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

khof aata hai


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