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This Urdu column on American aid and Pakistan government was published on 2nd March 2013. It elaborates some facts and figures about the relationships between two countries. It is a state which provides large amount of aids to us in every disaster and other difficult situations as well as give us heavy amount of loan every year. Our government is favor forgotten because they brainwash the public and say that all problems are due to USA but this is not the fact. Our politicians put us away from the clear picture about America which is the only place to spit anger for the people of our country. Educational sector is not given handsome money to establish well. There are many “Ahadees” of “Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW)” as well as quotes of “Hazrat Ali (RA)” on beggary, which are relevant to this topic. Although its a fact that the giving hand is always at the upper side rather than the taker. The state which gives us billions of dollars as donations and never asked to return at all but funding is miss managed and poorly used in our country. We are just creating beggars and nothing else. He case is opposite here. All the critical points are discussed in this article which is given below in Urdu.

Column On America Relations With Pakistan

haqeeqi villan

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