Hassan Nisar Urdu Column Grandland Democracy

Hassan Nisar is a very kind and famous personality. He earns his fame by starting a profession of journalist. He wrote different stories, columns, and presented talk shows too. His writing is quite impressive that’s why his articles contain a lot of information and bulk of knowledge. He discussed about politics and politicians attitude as they have dominant authority on public. People of Pakistan need to wake up. They should select those representatives who truly care about their rights and respect their needs. It is good to love your leader but persons should raise their voices, when these leaders give tickets to that people who are not eligible. He continues his writing by explaining a beautiful poetry of “Jon Elia”. It means was that “I am too strange as I destroyed myself with my own act”. “Molay Karishna Dhar” is a Bengali legend earns a lot of fame by working in India as intelligence police. He Wrote a wonderful and amazing Book related to secrets activities of politicians “A Story of Gangland Democracy”. By reading this book you can imagine the real facts of today leaders and their activities. A complete beautiful column related to them are given below in Urdu, you can read it here and can know a reality.

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