Hassan Nisar Urdu Column Gangland Democracy

Hassan Nisar is a very kind and famous personality. He earns his fame by writing different column on multiple topics. He has a divergent style of script. You need to increase your intelligence to read his articles. He performs on different channel and newspaper. Currently he is writing on his program “Choraha” which is very popular. He discussed about politics which are affecting simple human life very badly. They enhance their wealth by capturing money from country. Last episode of “Gangland Democracy” is presented here. After reading I am finally committed my views about this bad political parties. Public are not like to save their things. They are only for rule. They selected us to command on them and represent on their behalf. Talk about election and creation of vote. There are a lot of wrong method are utilized by chairman to increase a numbers of vote. This beautiful book is containing a full knowledge of Indian diplomacy. A full column related to this issue of democracy are given below in Urdu, you can read it here and can get complete information about Pakistani government.

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