Hassan Nisar Urdu Column Corruption Kahani Last Episode

This article was published on 25th January 2013. The name given to this column is the last episode of Corruption kahani. The person discussed here is Nawaz Shrif property and accounts in all over the world as well as his all periods of life. The beginning of Itafaq Foundry and his family departure to Jeddah is also included in debate. This steel mill has diversified in many other production units also. It is a big source of earning for Sharif family. He initiated the motorway project with the help of Korean company Daewoo. These projects gave a huge loss to Pakistan. He got accepted many bills in his favor from parliament. Those who took loans to purchase taxies were latterly declared as bad debts. Some harsh memories are also elaborated here which include the 2nd period of Nawaz reign. His Government was made null and void by Pervaiz Musharaf. He made few calls to Benazir as well and talked on such important matters. It is said that N league earned a lot from highway project in shape of corruption. People party and Noon league relations become worst when steel mill was nationalized. Zia ul Haq gave t back to Sharif brothers again. All the details are given below and you can read. it.

corruption kahani abstract


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