Hassan Nisar Column History Of Blenders Surrenders And Plunders

This article was published on Pakistani politicians and mass. Writer gives the detail of all previous rulers of Pakistan as like Benazir Bhutto and Parvez Mushraf etc. Those are playing with emotions of people and bringing them to the brink of disaster. It is their own fault that they trust them again. They were all blenders, surrenders and plunders including present rulers. Ahmad Sadiq, Salman Farooqui and Quaid e Azam were also the part of the debate. Islamabad Saarc conference and Two-nation theory are also described here. He advised the people and also requests them that they should grow up this time and elect the one who is really and truly sincere with them. This is time of decision and they can choose a great ruler for the nation. This is may be the last chance for us to unite in a disciplined way. The article elaborated all the blunders in the past history of the state and presented it as a scary dream. We should stand up and change the previous culture of selling away the vote in greed of wheat. Empty slogans should be converted in to practical work. He further added that Allah never change the condition of the person until he himself tries to do so. A ll the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

Urdu Column On Election 2013 In Pakistan

history of blenders


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