Great News For Fish Hunters In Urdu

Electronic inventions are becoming a part of our life these days. These creations have made our lives more easy and active. Its appliances and tools are used in many facets of the life. Fish is very useful for health. This is type of white meat and people like to eat it. Most of us are seem to be interested in this activity. This is a difficult work but there is new thing for this purpose. Its name is poletap smart rod. Its battery works for two seasons on average. You have to attach accelerometer on it. It’s easy in use and you can catch many fishes in minimum time. This device has an alarm which it notifies to you about your findings. You can turn it off when others are interrupted by it. The device is very useful for us. It saves our time and brings more efficiency in the art. It has sensors which easily detect that the prey is coming towards it. It can be set at low, medium and high frequencies depending upon the waves of water.  Hopefully you will like it. All the details about this machine are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

                                      New and amazing Thing For Fishing

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