Fried Chicken Dam pyaz Recipe In Urdu

Many delicious meals are the heritage of Pakistan and India. We love to eat new dishes. These include fresh foods and other tasty meals. Mostly people are fond of eating poultry due to its delicious taste and smooth meat properties. There are many healthy advantages of it. Hopefully you will like it. It is very simple and easy dish to prepare at home. One can easily prepare it with much convenience.


Chicken and onion half kg, garlic, and ginger paste 2 spoons. Salt as per taste vinegar and black pepper powder 1 spoon. Spices powder 1, color half and oil 4 spoons.


Take a sauce pan and cook poultry, ginger, garlic, red pepper and vinegar in it. When the water dries then separate it and separate the bones also. Now heat up the oil in another pot and put onion in it. Change its color in to brown. After all this mix the rest of the ingredients also and your dish will be ready. This is a very smart and tricky way to prepare it. These guidelines will assist you in making it at home. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

                       Delicious And Spicy Urdu Food Recipe Fried Chicken Dam Pyaz

Fried chicken


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