Free Wifi Internet Service News In Urdu

Free WiFi Internet Service For New York Citizens

The Government of the country has started to provide WiFi service to its citizens. This has been provided for the first time in any state and the place selected for it, are the old useless public phone booths. Recently for the sake of experiment this device is installed at ten different locations in the city. It is a very good step and really it’s a sort of healthy initiative. This will make technology easily available for an ordinary man. Technology is growing at a faster pace. Modern ideas are just under implementation. There was time when call was heard with charges and now unlimited packages are available. This idea is working well in the chosen cities. The broader scope will help rest of the nation also stay connected with it. It has become a basic need of human being in the culture of every country. One cannot assume his survival without it. It will decrease the distance between a common man and modern facilities. A picture has also been shown below to capture the real moments. Hopefully you will enjoy it. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

new york city wifi

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