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Almighty Allah born us in the earth and for the purpose of survival he provides us food to eat. There are different kinds of things which humans can consume. There are some wonderful fruit in which Almighty Allah hide amazing healthy items. When we consume them we feel healthy and do everything which we want to do. There is Apple which is most tasty and lovely product. Someone says a when you eat apple you will be far away from doctor. It has enough ability to save you from diseases. Orange is lovely product you can use it daily. It’s come in winter season and their consumption keeps your skin healthy and young. There are some tasty grapes. It is a queen of fruits. It contains a lot of essential vitamins and minerals. There is a Strawberry in reddish color. This has essential quantity of vitamins C in which. It has special ability to better immune system. There is a Pineapple and having ability to solve a benefit of skins. There are a multiple fruits you can see it below in Picture. This wonderful and tasty wallpaper you can use it in your desktop and on cell phone screen.


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