Food Recipe Of Shashlik Rice In Urdu

New Food  Recipe Of Shashlik And Chicken Rice In Urdu

Many types of meals are prepared in subcontinent. Guests are served with variety of meals. Everyone likes to have new and tasty recipes. It has become a heritage to welcome the guests with new and variety of dishes. Rooster Shashlik is one of heart favorite dish. Its ingredients are very simple and one can prepare at home easily. Hopefully you will like it. It is mostly preferred by youngsters.


Chicken, onion and tomato cubes and bell pepper 1 cup. Chinese salt and red pepper 1 tea spoon. Chili sauce 1 spoon and catchup 1 to 4 cups at least.


Put poultry cubes and sauce for half hour by adding salt in it. Now put tomato, onion and chili in shahlik stick to grill it. Put catchup on it and present it with boiled rice. The dish is ready and you will enjoy it. It is very easy to make by everyone. It can be used for family gatherings and friends as well. It is becoming very popular these days in Pakistan and India. The elements in this meal are healthy for life. You can follow this guideline and prepare it easily. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

shashlik rice


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