Food Recipe Of Chicken Creamy Pasta In Urdu

Many tasty meals and dishes are prepared in Asian countries. It is delicious and easy to make. We normally prefer such recipes. These are often served to the guests. Mostly people like spicy foods as Biryani, chicken karahi, mutton handi. Its ingredients are very useful and healthy for all of us. Here the procedure is given to prepare it. You can follow these tips.


Pasta half packet, Spinach 1 fist, chicken breast 2 pieces, 2 tomatoes, garlic 4 sticks, parsley pieces one fourth, fresh cream half cup, black pepper 1 tea spoon, pieced cinnamon half spoon, oil 3 spoons and salt as per taste.


1st boil the creamy pastas and wait until it becomes soft. Then cut the spinach in to pieces. Then slice the breast then heat up the oil. Then make the garlic brown and add chick slice in it and change its color by heating. Now add tomatoes, parsley and boiled pasta in it and keep on mixing for few minutes. When it becomes soft, put cinnamon, peppers and salt in it. At the end, mix rest of the items in it. Now it is ready to be served to the family. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

Delicious Food Recipe Of Chicken Creamy Pasta in Urdu

chicken creamy


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