Food Recipe Of Cheese Rolls In Urdu

Many types of meals are enjoyed in Pakistan and India. Guests are warmly welcomed by serving tasty foods. Crispy and crunchy Cheese Roll is a perfect snack for all of you. Kids love this type of food. You can prepare it now and freeze for later fry. Its ingredients are very simple. One must try it at home at least. Butter is very useful for health, which is also employed in it. It’s a light and delicious dish for lunch. The preparation method is very simple and understandable.


Get flour and water 1 cup each. A bite of salt, sugar and 1 small bowl melted butter. two Tomatoes and few green peppers. Onion scares pieced and black peppers. Take Oil as per your requirement.


Make a mixture of all the elements and flour. Put all the filling related things in a cup and throw chilies on it. Now take a big fry pan and heat up the oil in it. Then put that mixture in it. Now shake it will the help of handle so that it may take the shape of bread. Make the layer of filling elements and pick up the pan cake from a side and role it. Now heat it up slightly and garnish with catch up. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

Delicious Recipe Of  Cheese Rolls

cheese roll


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