Food Recipe Of Boneless Mutton Handi

Different types of meals are prepared in Pakistan and India. Now it has become a trend to serve the guests with variety of tasty foods. Females are expert in it. Males are also coming in the list these days but ladies are considered expertise for this. People like to have new and spicy foods these days. In the list of amazing recipes mutton is also a good source of high quality protein. It is a great source for both zinc and iron. Iron is very important for our health. It is easy to make and delicious Recipe for all. One can easily prepare it at home


Take Chicken 1 kg and yogurt one cup. Onion 3 and ginger paste 1.5 spoon, 3 tomatoes, black pepper 5 thin pieces, 2 lemons, red pepper 2 spoons, turmeric a bit, dry coriander 1 and spices 1 times, garlic 5 pieces and cooking oil one cup


Boil the garlic with chicken until it ripe. Then boil turmeric, onion and black pepper. Then cook it properly for some time. Then keep on adding salt, coriander and other ingredients. After it becomes ready, present it with lemons. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

                       Delicious Food Recipe Of  Boneless Mutton Handi  In Urdu

boneless mutton


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