Face Foundation in Urdu

Foundation is a most important method to care your face. It can hide very little spots from the surface and give a place for the makeup. It can be used to highlight most important places of your skin and increases shine. It have two kinds one of them contains oil and the other one is water. You need to select it as per requirement of your skin. You should be very careful before to buy it, when you choose a bottle then draw a little fluid on your arm, if it is not shown on your body then it would be good for you. Use it on your profile only where, there is a need of it. You should be applied it on your neck and air so that it matches according to your epidermis. With the help of face powder you can apply it everywhere on your body so that it colors match according to your profile epidermis. Makeup sustain for a long time when you apply it on powder. Moreover it cares your dermis. Complete beauty tips are given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can make yourself beautiful.

use of face foundation

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