Eid Dress Collection For Pakistani Women

Eid is coming soon, it is special event for all Muslims it is a religious occasion. All Muslims celebrate it with joy and buy modern clothes. Men, women, girls, children enjoy this function and like to wear new clothes, shoes and other accessories. Fabric companies and dress designers make special costumes for such events. Here is a beautiful outfit in red and shocking pink color combination which is designed by Pakistani designer Zahra Ahmed. It is stylish, attractive and nice to wear on. Females love to have such designs to appear different and amazing in gatherings. It represents the Pakistani culture. These are admired in whole Pakistan and it comes as the 1st choice among ladies brand preferences. The model in the photo is wearing pink dress with both dark and light blush combination. Hair style is also elegant which is adding to the beauty of the girl. Black paint shoes are used by the young model in the scene.

Latest Summer Collection For Eid Day

Eid Dress Collection

Introduction of famous brands have made it easy for the females to have variety of outfits for different gatherings. These costumes are worn by women in parties and marriage ceremonies of the friends. Many types of dyes have been used in the costume to make it more pleasant and decent.

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