Easy Recipe Of Fried Chicken Sandwich In Urdu

Everyone like sandwich and it is made by different methods in all over the world. Many of its types are also available in Pakistan. People eat it in tea party and  for light meal as like in offices, colleges etc. Women make it for children school lunch box. Vegetables are also use with chicken. Its easy to make and it is useful for health.


One small Cabbage, One carrot, Few leaves of spinach and ice berg, olio oil 4 and lemon juice one spoon, white vinegar and coriander one spoon while sugarcane as per need. Hen fly 4 and flour 100 grams, one egg and pieces of bread 150 and butter 30 grams, 4 Bread roles and salt according to taste. Black pepper according to need.


Cut all the vegetables in small bites and mix them with white vinegar, olio oil and lemon juice. Now mix the salt, black pepper and coriander with the veg. Place it on a side and wait for its mixture to become better. Cover the hen fly with the flour from both sides. Place egg on the prepared material. Then take a frying pane and melt the butter in it. Put the ready pieces in it and shake slowly up till they become golden brown. Put salad in every role and it is ready.There is simple and easy recipe is given below in Urdu also and you can read it


Chicken Sandwich Recipe For Lunch

tasty CHicken sanswich


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