Easy And Simple Beauty Tips For Dark Circles

Dark circles are a big problem for people because many people are affected by it. Lack of water in body, absence of sleep, unhealthy diet is the cause of gloomy circles.  It reduces the beauty of face because attractive look increase the charm of your personality. Good meals affect all the parts of body so always give proper attention to it. There are some easy clues for removing dark rounds which are more beneficial for this problem. We take medicine and different creams for its treatment but potato and cucumber are useful for this. You can use these simple tips and get the freedom from eyes shady spots. We use many types of masks for the treatment, because in presence of this curse one cannot look pretty. By having juices and vegetables in daily meals, you can get rid of such problems. These dots can appear due to other reasons also, like wearing of glasses and the victim in very young age looks as if he is an old man. You should get half cucumber and potato as well and shake them well in grinder. Then paste it on the mouth for 15 minutes and make it a routine for 2 weeks and do the activity 2 times in a day. All instructions are given in Urdu below.

facial masaj for beauty


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