Dr. Israr Ahmed Biography In Urdu

Life History Of Dr. Israr Ahmed Written By Zubair Iqbal in Urdu

He was a great Pakistani Islamic Scholar. He was very famous in sub-continent. He was much inspired from Iqbal poetry. He was born on 16 April 1932 in East Punjab. He read the whole Bang E Dara in the age of 10 years. He told that Muslims are going down because they are away from Quraan. He came from India in 1947. He was same as he spoke. He had the strong power to preach Islam in difficult situations. He started an institution “Khudam ul Quraan” in Lahore and gave lectures from there to people. He went in to the current situations deeply and related the issues with Islamic guidelines. He wrote many books which are very famous and considered as guide in to issues. He used different Medias to convey the message of Allah i.e. through internet, satellite, radio and television. He was a true patriot. He could have easily earn through his medical degree but he did not do so. He was a learned person. His life is a guide for his followers and those who met him, know better about him. He was died on 4 April 2010. All the details about his personality are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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