Discovery American space shuttle Is Now The Part Of Museum News In Urdu

Discovery Space Shuttle Story In Urdu

Discovery the oldest shuttle of NASA is now the part of National Museum. Twenty eight years old plane has many records like dispatching an aircraft in to the space. Now it is part of the antiques where it will remain for rest of the time. There were many such important instruments which were very useful when they were best in their working. As technology changes it obsoletes the previous technology and that becomes a history. It was include in line of NASA. This is a fact that things are continuously changing and we have to remain updated with the advancements. It had 39 journeys towards the cosmos in total. It is the historic American plane. America is independent in production and it exports too many other countries. Their engineers are working day and nights to bring new every next moment. The other states try to copy their designs and materials. One thing is good that museum are the good platforms to see the oldest items instead of wasting away such precious things. These are a source of earning as well. Many countries have maintained these properly. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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