Delicious And Easy Rice Recipe

Various methods are used to make tasty foods in all over the world. Mostly people prefer it with salted flavor. There is new and interesting one discussed here. Its ingredients are very simple and men and women of all ages can eat it. Its condiments are simple and light which enhance its taste. It is easy to make so you should try this dish and enjoy a new recipe.


Water dipped rice 3 cups, salt as per taste, grinned garlic 1 spoon, peanuts half and tomato paste one cup, beansprouts semi cup, carrot one piece, onion thin pieced, two black peppers, lemon and liquid 4 spoons.


Put the oil into pan and heat it for 2 minutes. Golden fry both the peanuts and onion. Then put the lesson in it, add paste along with carrot and fry it well. Then shake well the rice, salt and black pepper until the oil separates. Add 3 to 4 cups of water in it and shake it 1st then put on light warmth for few moments. After this include the lemon juice also in less temperature. After few minutes the dish is ready and you can eat this stunning meal. People like it who are fond of cooking. All the instructions for preparation are given below in Urdu and you may read it.

Rice With Peanut And Tomato Recipe In Urdu

pulao recipee

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