Delicious And Easy Recipe Of Daal Ki Tikean

Many types of meals are prepared in Pakistan. There is a new and easy recipe for you to taste. You can cook it in simple way. This dish is liked by children and elders also. The ingredients which have been used are very simple. It is healthy for life also. Try this dish with nice presentation and enjoy a great taste.


Lentils 1.5 and mung bean 1 cup. 6 black peppers, ginger 1, cumin 1 and coriander 6 table spoons. Aniseed, salt and baking soda 1 table spoon.


Dip both beans separately for 3 hours. Now separate them and drop the water. Now grind the aniseed and peppers. Then take a cup of water in and add cumin, soda, coriander and salt in it. Then mix the both the seeds. Now mix the whole thick mixture and make small pieces. Put oil in a pan and heat it up on light fire. Keep it heating until it becomes brown. It is ready to be served to guests but add spices before serving it. Hopefully you will like it. This should be tried at home and after 1 or 2 experiences, you will become expert in it. It is preferred normally in subcontinent. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

Two Types Of  Beans Make A great Recipe

urdu recipe

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