Daily Express Urdu Column Ghair Siyasi Baten By Abdul Qadir Hassan

This article was published don 9th February 2013 about moral values of society. Writer described his journalism and shared all important occasions during his journey from one paper to the other. He wrote about those personalities to whom he met in this period. He says that he misses his old friends and teachers. In the past times mostly people were sincere and motivators but now time is change. Now no one has the time to sit with others and discuss the important things. He further added that he did not want want to write about the politics. In start his perception about politics was different but when he entered in journalism field, he came to know about the facts. He discussed the two states, Pakistan and India and quoted some experiences of his life in this column. These were based on his real life incidents. Few good memories he had, which are quoted here. 1st he left “Nawaye Wakt” and later joined it again. People asked him that whether he has become a secular? Then he clarified to them. He said that it was not less than a guilt feeling to quit a paper and then joining it again. All the details are given below and you can read it.

ghair siasi batain


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