Column Election Ki Subah Sadiq By Abdul Qadir Hassan

This column was published on 23rd March 2013 on election in Pakistan. This event is very interesting in perspective of Pakistan. The expressions of the political leaders have been discussed in this article. When elections come it gives a new hope to people. They think that this time they will be able to bring some new and encouraged face in front of the public. Election commission plays his role during this activity by appointing care taker Government. All the old candidates seem to be helpless with innocent faces. Their fate is decided on this day. It looks like the judgment day for them. Coning elections have been discussed here. When voter goes to play his part, he has to make decision alone but in favor of whom? Results tell that what happened there. We are used in only those wanted days and after that we become useless. A very welcoming attitude is shown by the candidate if we are still to vote, otherwise he will disregard us if we have already used this right. Our electoral system is the example of Owl which wait for the coming morning. All the members of the assemblies become hands up managers in those days. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.



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