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This article is about the Supreme Court attitude regarding Government of Pakistan and especially with Prime Minster. IN start a story is quoted in which a man kept on changing his clothes to beat the bug. He wanted that the bug will irritate and then die, but it was not the case. Same is the case with our judiciary which prolongs a decision to a very long period. A simple session judge has the ability to take the big decisions and gives his verdict about the hanging of a guilty but higher courts are unable to decide about NRO. General public is saying that if this matter would have been with a normal person, it could have been easily solved many years ago. Then the Egyptian way of Governing has been discussed, whose people are sure that the scholars who are ruling, will not ban the cinemas, tourism, women working and television because they are literate and know that these contribute to the economy of the country. World is continuously changing and countries are updating day by day. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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