Column By Abdul Qadir Hassan (Do Neem Pakistani Beyak Waqt)

Daily Express Newspaper Urdu Column By Abdul Qadir Hassan

The article was published on 12th January 2013 about two half Pakistani persons. They wish to create problems for the nation with the name of independence and so on. They claim that they will make a get together in Islamabad by hook or crook. They are planning to fail the Government policies as they are going at the wrong way. The writer further added that he himself is a very simple person and always tried to speak truth. He avoids favoritism in his articles. Now we come back to those personalities. None of them is sincere with the country. They just want to prove their own self. One has Canadian residence and identity and claims that he will serve Pakistan. How gently they tell a lie. They say that they are going to call 40, 00,000 people in that territory. They are only making fun of what is available with them. They are funded and supported by the foreign forces. Innocent people are just walking with them. They do not know the realities but these must be communicated to all for the sake of clarification and knowing the truth. Hopefully you will understand the whole scenario. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.


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