Cold Coffee Recipe In Urdu

Food is necessary for humans and we love to eat them. We are busy in a lot to find divergent kind of thing to which we can eat. There are plenty of hotels are opened there where you can sit and consume things. Chefs are a specialized in this field and they are busy to introduce new thing in front of people. You know we are very much busy in this hectic routine life and wanted something chill which re backs our potential energy. People relax all of their tension and worries by eating foods. That’s why it is becoming a most important part of our life. There is a recipe of a tasty drink which is very sharply use in summer are,

  • Ingredients:
  • Cold Milk 1 Cup
  • Coffee 1 Table Spoon
  • Chocolate Half Small Bowl
  • Strawberry, Cream and black Ice creamy for Garnishing


Mix a Coffee and milk clearly in a blend. Now include in which Ice Creamy and blend it again. Serve it by garnishing it with Strawberry, Cream and Black COCO. A full recipe of it is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can make it at home.

cold coffee

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