Choraha Urdu Column Mukarrar Arshaad By Hassan Nisar

This article was published on 10th February 2013. The writer quoted a column which was written 15 years ago. Pakistani political conditions are still same and not changed at all in fifteen years.He said that the prevailing conditions are similar to more than a dozen year ago. In the past politicians used to make people fool and this is still happening. Some families are haunted on assemblies like ghost and they come in government again and again. It looks like already decided and planted activity. We select the same representatives in every vote casting. Our rulers have no concern with the nation. Those which are availing the higher class facilities are not the true and sincere leaders. How they can solve the issue of people which are sitting in villages. They do not know about their crises. They are only drama type persons which appear in elections and vanish after being selected. Assembly should be filled with public not the politicians. They are earning the fame on the wealth of state. They are least bothered to identify the problems being faced by poor communities. They are just maintaining their hereditary ruler ship. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

Daily Dunia Newspaper Urdu Column Choraha By Hassan Nisar

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