Chicken Pizza Recipe In Urdu

Urdu Recipe For Chicken Pizza

Pizza is the one of most demanded food in the world. Youngster especially like it. It is not difficult to bake it at home. This food trend increased to save the time of the people. Hundreds and thousands of fast food chains are present around the world to serve the mass. This mostly liked by the urban people. It takes very short time to prepare it. Many varieties are available in it and you can prepare one of your favorites.


Flour 1 ounce, oil 2, sugar 1, salt one, and dough 1 spoon. Boiled chicken 1 cup, tomato catchup 4 spoons and water half cup.


Mix the dough in the water and put it aside for 10 minutes. Then add salt, flour, sugar in it and make a paste. Then change it in the shape of loaves and cover it with a cloth. Now cook the chicken in the oil and add rest of the ingredients in it like catchup. Place in to the oven for half an hour. The recipe is ready and you can serve it to the guests are eat with in the family. Hopefully you will like the method which is very simple. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

chicken piza

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