Chicken Nuggets Platters Recipe In Urdu

Variety of meals is prepared in Asian countries. Females are known to be expert in it. They know the art of cooking tasty foods. Everyone has his choice of meals. Some love diets and others prefer fatty foods. Chicken nuggets are high in fat. These are a good source of protein. It’s a Delicious and healthy recipe for almost every city in the Pakistan. It’s a very delicious and wonderful dish for all. Its ingredients are very simple and easy to understand.


Take boneless Chicks 6 to 8 pieces. Chinese salt half and lemon juice 1 spoon, soya sauce and white chili 1 spoon, 2 eggs and salt as per taste, 2 bread crumbs and oil as per requirement.


Paste Chinese & simple salt, white chili, lemon juice and soya sauce on chicks pieces and cover it for at least 2 hours. Now put it in to mixed eggs. Now cover it with bread crumbs and cook it well. Keep on frying until its color becomes brown. Now the recipe is ready and you can serve it to the guests. Hopefully you will like it. It can be made at home very easily. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

                                     Spicy Chicken Nuggets Platters Recipe In Urdu



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