Cell Phone Latest Technology News In Urdu

Wireless Technology News In Urdu For Mobiles And Laptops

Technology has brought revolutions to our life. It has provided us with a lot of ease. Now you can charge your cell phone and even your laptops without charger. This year you will find “witricity” in your cells and laptop which will help you to perform this act without any cable attachment. This service was actually extended from electronic tooth brush. It can cover the area of 8 feet so you can place the device 8 feet away in bags or somewhere else. It will be introduced in the mobiles very soon. It is being said that in very near future electronic cars will be launched with reserve batteries. They will be given power through this system. These things were not imagined a century ago. Now everything is possible and you are not asked to move even. At the spot the work will be done. Robots are also working on behalf of human being. Such inventions are making the life of human more easy and comfortable. Machinery is much efficient than the personnel. This company has also contacted with Taiwan vendors to assist them in production. In this way there is no need of wire in between. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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