Black Box Of A Plane In Urdu

Airplane Black Box Information In Urdu

It is an electronic recording device which is useful to know about reasons of the accident of the flight. Its color is normally pale or orange. It receives signals from microphone attached with pilot seat. It tells about the real facts involved in airline crash. It has the capacity to record for an hour and new designs have extended capacity. The recent incident with Bhoja Airline was awful and this tool has been found. It assists in investigating the matter. From 1970,s it has become a necessity. Its structure is such that it can bear the pressure of 3000 kilo and it is much safer. The latest designs have the ability to separate itself from the plane in case of any causality. It is a good invention to make the things possible. In case, if it falls in to the water, it can be retrieved with under water locator bags. It remains safe in all the possible bad happenings to the flight. Although the havoc is done, but to minimize the risk of such causalities, it assists in real sense. All the details about this device are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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