Biography Of Zulafqar Ali Bhutto In Urdu

                           Life History Of  Zulafqar Ali Bhutto in Urdu Written By Iftakhar Ali

A genius political leader in Pakistan was born on 5th January, 1928. He is a symbol of democracy in the country. He gave respect to poor people and told them how to live and how to demand their rights. His personality was very nice. He had a very polite conversation style. Once he replied a letter of Quaid E Azam that when he will be able, he will devote his life for the country. He made the pillars for Pak and China friendship after getting the higher education from foreign Universities. While a visit to the public he realized that everyone wants change. He kept on speeking and the day came when he formed the basis for PPPP. Once in his address, it was raining heavily and he refused to have umbrella saying that my nation is standing under rain and i will also. These things melted the hearts of the listeners. He encouraged everyone that vote is the real power that they have and they can pace the change movement by participating in electoral process. He was murdered with a conspiracy. He was a brave leader. All the facts of his personality are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

zulfiqar bhutto biography

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