Biography Of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle In Urdu

                                    Life History Of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle In Urdu

He was born on 22nd May, 1859. He was English by generation. He was a physician doctor and eye specialist. He opened the clinic in 1882 and practiced over there. His parents was not so rich but his paternal and maternal uncle helped him in his studies. He won the cases of two people which were expected to be hanged. He wrote his 1st novel but editor rejected that and did not publish. He published a story in a magazine and then changed to the strand magazine. He got married with the sister of his patient. His wife died in 1906. He completed the specialization but not a single person came to get treated in his clinic. Then he wrote “The final problem” which got a big fame. He astonished everyone. He finalized 56 stories on “Sherlock Holmes” and 4 novels. He involved in political activities as well but couldn’t be elected as member of parliament twice. He did few social work also.  He was awarded with the title of “Sir” in 1902. His spiritual taste increased after the death of near ones. He died in 1930 in London due to heart attack. The biography of the great personality is given below in Urdu and you must have a look on it.

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